"Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it. Yoga is universal.... But don't approach yoga with a business mind looking for worldly gain."
~ Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois
Schedule for June 2024!Next moon day 21st shala closed!* Shala will be closed 16th through 23rd! Will reopen 24th for Mysore practice

Please see schedule for Mysore dates!


Mysore 515-830 *   
Mysore   515-830 at Shala
Mysore  515-830  
Mysore   515-830 at Shala .
                     Led 7am please be 10 minutes early

Hanuman Ashtanga Yoga Located 1924 Chestnut St. Wilmington, NC 28405 (click for map):

No practice on New / Full Moon and Saturdays to maintain we follow traditional standards.( feel free to call / text  or leave voice mail 910-616-1970  if you have any questions) email. [email protected]. I’ll get back to you asap if you leave text or voicemail, email may take a little longer, thank you.

Beginners must commit to at least one month as being dedicated to practice is the only way to learn the system and benefits of the practice at first you may experience soreness as this will go away as you continue daily practice, if you quit and start again you will notice soreness will return, be dedicated soreness is not a good reason to avoid practice. Adjustments( if uncomfortable with assist please let me know and none will be given) and instruction will be given throughout practice as needed be prepared to be stopped on asana that is not attainable to you. This is for your safety and you will be allowed to work this asana until you have a understanding on how to do safely. ( I will always give you alternative asana to help you progress. Give you what you need to keep you safe) Practice of Progression NOT Perfection.Do not take this personal everyone has been there at some point in time in their Ashtanga Practice. Remember yoga is a practice not just something you do. Please always feel free to call if you have any questions as its my duty to be available for you. I will get back to you same day if you leave message. Please check site each week as there may be times when Shala will be closed other than Full or New Moon.   *

Shala rules  (1) be early for Led no one allowed after Opening Mantra (2) Do not park in front of residents homes plenty of street parking (3) Respect others leave your drama outside of Shala (4)  Make sure gate is shut and latched (5) Honor system on dues sign and go make your own change.(6) For Mysore be at Shala no later than 745, you’ll only be able to do half of series you are practicing (7) No cursing you get one warning then you can find another place to practice you can express yourself without profanity .(8) Inappropriate behavior you get no warning you are gone.* Shala is your sacred space respect it and all that enter*   (9) There is absolutely no gum chewing while practicing .10 (* For those who wish to start you need to get up with me first this practice requires a lot  and excuses are not part of why you are up not showing so if you can’t commit please don’t ask) Many have asked and started and few will stick with the practice.Your practice is like any relationship lots of commitment required. Don’t mean to come off like a jerk but I  am not here to entertain you and far to old to put up with lack of discipline and any excuse unless you are out of town, sick , kid issues or work. You either want to practice or you don’t .(11) Most important rule SHOW UP.  If you are in financial difficulty talk to me privately  please  don’t just quit if you truly want to practice. The End.